Tips and Tricks for School Try Outs (dance team and cheerleading)

Hi guys! So if you saw my last post you know that this past year I was on my high schools varsity dance team, and try outs are coming up this Saturday!! Now after already going through try outs once before there is a couple things I wish I knew my first time going into them. Now I put together a list of my top 5 things I wish I knew or the top things I think would be the most helpful to you at your try outs!

Be Early

Now this one may be obvious, but it is sooo important! Showing up early not only gives off a good impression but it also gives you time to prepare. I would recommend getting to the try outs anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes early.  This shows the coaches that your dependable and serious about whatever team your trying out for and also might give you extra time to talk to the coaches if your one of the first people there. Being early also gives you extra time to stretch and get warmed up. I can’t express enough how important stretching is, and having extra time to do so could be really beneficial in the long run! It prevents you from hurting yourself ad getting sore but also increases how impressive your skills are!

Don’t Cross your arms

Body Language is everything! Body language is a huge part of your try out! Your character matters a lot, especially on school teams, and they don’t get the best chance to get to know you and how you’d act in practice so they often go off of your body language at the try outs. If you stand with your arms crossed, for example, you look more closed off and separated from the others where as if you were to hold your hands behind your back and expose your chest, you look a lot more open and welcoming. Small actions like this can make a  big difference! Always make sure to watch what your saying at try outs but most importantly always watch what your body language is saying!

Be You / Be Comfortable

I’ll be honest, going into my first year of try outs I was terrified, and I’m sure you were able to tell. I was quiet and uncomfortable the whole time, which most likely did not come off the best. It’s totally okay to be comfortable and talk to your friends (that is when its a good time) This is a time to show your personality! Have fun and show your fun and lighthearted personality. In the end everything will be okay so why not have fun while you’re there!


This is a big one! Walking into anything without being prepared can be really scary, especially when its a sport like cheer and dance team. I recommend finding what skills and moves are often used in the teams routines and practice them so that you really have them ready for when the try out comes around! For both of these sports lots of muscle and flexibility is involved so stretching and working out plenty of time before hand would be very beneficial in the long run.  Being prepared would also make you feel better going into everything. No one wants to be frantic and more nervous than they already will be during there try out and being prepared would help with all of that!

Give Help / Get Help

I love this one! It’s very important to not only get help from others but also give it! When in need of a little help with something at try outs don’t be afraid to simply, ask for help! It’s much easier getting the help and finding a solution, than trying to figure it out on your own. Also if you are getting it and notice someone who could use a little help, go offer some! it’s always good to be a helpful person and to give some help to someone who could use some, but it’s also extra practice for you! Going over routines or technique multiple times is never a bad habit to get into! This will make you even more prepared and ready for your own try out!


There is many tips I  have for team try outs but these are a couple of the ones I think are most important and most helpful. I hope this help you i’m some way and I wish you the best at your next school team try outs!


Starting a blog

Hi everyone! I’m Tatum! I decided to start a blog mainly because I love to write and thought that a blog would be the perfect place to do that! I’ve loved writing ever since I was a little girl and even would write reviews and stories on the computer or down on paper in my free time. Now that I’m older and know a little more about how to actually use the computer as well being able to share and express my ideas, I’ve wanted to start a blog!

Now I thought for sure I would have to tell you guys a little bit about myself! I’m 15 years old and turn 16 in about a month, which where I live, means you get your license! ( and I couldn’t be more excited!!) I just finished up my freshman year of high and looking forward to have the best summer yet! This past year I was on my high schools varsity dance team and preformed at football games, basketball games, and even went to nationals in Orlando, Florida! Lately I have fallen in love with fitness and nutrition and have started incorporating it into my daily life and really trying my best to live a healthy lifestyle! I also love traveling and exploring new things and places I’ve never been! I’ve been to places like the Bahamas, Hawaii and the British Virgin Islands!

There is just a little bit about me and i’m sure you will learn much more as this blog continues! I hope you find some fun ideas or readings in this blog and i can’t wait till write some more! bye now! Thanks for reading!!