Starting a blog

Hi everyone! I’m Tatum! I decided to start a blog mainly because I love to write and thought that a blog would be the perfect place to do that! I’ve loved writing ever since I was a little girl and even would write reviews and stories on the computer or down on paper in my free time. Now that I’m older and know a little more about how to actually use the computer as well being able to share and express my ideas, I’ve wanted to start a blog!

Now I thought for sure I would have to tell you guys a little bit about myself! I’m 15 years old and turn 16 in about a month, which where I live, means you get your license! ( and I couldn’t be more excited!!) I just finished up my freshman year of high and looking forward to have the best summer yet! This past year I was on my high schools varsity dance team and preformed at football games, basketball games, and even went to nationals in Orlando, Florida! Lately I have fallen in love with fitness and nutrition and have started incorporating it into my daily life and really trying my best to live a healthy lifestyle! I also love traveling and exploring new things and places I’ve never been! I’ve been to places like the Bahamas, Hawaii and the British Virgin Islands!

There is just a little bit about me and i’m sure you will learn much more as this blog continues! I hope you find some fun ideas or readings in this blog and i can’t wait till write some more! bye now! Thanks for reading!!

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